Seismic Analysis and Quantitative Reservoir Characterization

Sequential integration of quantitative attributes analysis applications produce results with average rates of  94 %  successful prediction of oil, gas and water saturation



Spatial analysis of seismic data 







High resolution integrated pattern recognition and frequency attributes analysis as direct hydrocarbon indicator  (HRPRF)

Multiattributes analysis 


Seismic Multicomponent

AVO, angle stack, attributes interpretation and rock physics

Seismic Inversion ( pre and post-stack )

Interpretive Processing

Seismic modeling, fluid substitution, wedge modeling, Petrophysics/Seismic,  well-ties

Petrophysics / Rock Physics / Seismic - integrated interpretation

Static Modeling, 3D properties micro scale distribution (Seismic/Petrophysics)


Solid angle scan deterministic and statistic multipoint analysis


3D search for attributes generation


Wave attributes parametrization


Research Fields: Deterministic and Non-Deterministic Reservoir Characterization

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